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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 20, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm JST

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. . . welcome to nhk world "news line." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. u.s. president, barack obama, said he is deploying a support team of up to 300 military advisers to iraq. ukraine's president has called on his russian counterpart to support his peace plan to end the fighting in eastern ukraine. the u.s. president has laid out his plan to help leaders in iraq fight a well-armed insurgency. barack obama says he's sending
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military advisers to the country but not combat forces. iraqi soldiers have been trying to stop the advance of islamist militants month are moving toward the capital. nhk world has more. >> reporter: gunmen with the islamic state of iraq have taken over towns and cities with lightning speed. iraq's shia muslim prime minister, nuri al maliki. they have killed civilians and soldiers in the push toward baghdad. they have seized another village outside samaria 100 kilometers north of the capital. government forces are preparing to mount a major operation to recapture the area. the reality is they need help. after days of deliberation, u.s. president, barack obama, made this announcement. >> we're prepared to send a
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small number of additional american military advisers, up to 300, to assess how we can best train, advise and support iraqi security forces. >> reporter: that's as far as he is willing to go for now. he stressed american forces will not be returning to combat in the country. he also suggested other options are on the table. we will be prepared to take precise military action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it. >> reporter: the military advisers will be made us of special forces. the u.s. has sent such personnel in the past to help train local forces and advise on operations and strategy. this time, they will gather intelligence about extremist strongholds for possible u.s. air strikes. the u.s. had a bitter experience sending advisers to vietnam.
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washington initially sent several hundred but the american presence gradually expanded and they got trapped in a long and costly war. so obama's plan has generated concerns, even among his fellow democrats. house leader, nancy pelosi, said, the government needs to be careful in sending advisers. she says, the number has a tendency to grow. obama is keene to use diplomacy. he sent his secretary of state, john kerry, to the middle east this weekend, to discuss the growing crisis in iraq. nhk world. the president of ukraine is seeking russia's help to end the fighting in the eastern part of his country.
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petro poroshenko outlined his peace plan in a telephone conversation with russian president vladimir putin. officials in the ukrainian presidential office say poroshenko told putin that hostages need to be freed at a border jointly managed by both countries. putin's aides say the russian president put the responsibility on ukrainian officials to ease tensions. he called for am immediate halt to ukrainian military operations in the region. they also say putin expressed hope that a ukrainian government will address the demands of ethnic russian residents. analysts say it is unclear how far putin is willing to cooperate with poroshenko's peace plan. pro-russian militants have continued fighting even after the plan was announced. nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen said russia deployed several more thousand troops along the border. he called it very regrettable. ukrainian officials also confirmed russian forces are establishing new positions along the border. the indian government has asked the central bank to tighten controls on fund trarns fers to an environmental protection group working in the
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country. patchari raksawong is following the story. indian media reports say the ministry of home affairs issued the request to the reserve bank of india. these articles say the ministry has asked the bank to report when greenpeace india receives funds from abroad. >> i haven't gotten any communication. i'm wondering what is the intent of these leakages in the first place and i'm asking why people are so scared of greenpeace. >> an intelligence bureau report was leaked to indian newspapers last week. the document is said to point out that greenpeace is hurting economic projects by campaigning for graen power using overseas donations. governor modi scored a landslide victory last month with a promise to revitalize india's economy. but modi's critics expressed concern that he might adopt a tough stance on environmental
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activists. business leaders worry that an excessive focus on green policies could slow down the economy. japan and bhutan have maintained friendly ties for more than half a century. one japanese man played a key role in developing these relations. people in the himalayan kingdom have honored the father of agriculture for making a difference in their lives. we have story. >> reporter: paro in western bhutan is surrounded by natural beauty. earlier this week, a museum was opened in the down to honor the achievement of a japanese agriculture expert. >> he has contributed a lot in bhutan. he has led the bhutan knees agricultureists and farmers into modern agricultural farming.
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>> he traveled to bhutan 50 years ago to help farmers. he was a member of the first development assistance team from japan. this man was attracted to the character and lifestyle of the bhutanese people. he worked in the country for 28 years until his death. >> translator: bhutan is a country with lots of promise. the people are hard working and open to advice. they take that knowledge and make improvements. >> reporter: he introduced fruits and vegetables such as carrots, radishes and apples.
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he adapted them to match their climate. he developed as many as 40 varieties of crops. his research helped farmers to sell their produce and dramatically improve their living standards. he also imported farming machinery to bhutan for the first time. people use this equipment for plowing and to power water pumps and carry supplies. they made the farmers tasks much easier. this man was a student of keiji nishioka. he wanted to continue the work of his late teacher so he headed bhutan's agriculture machinery center.
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>> he studied the bhutanese land condition and then he used the machines for the farmers. >> reporter: the king of bhutan awarded him a title meaning the superior one. he was the first foreigner to be granted such recognition. nishioka continued to sweat in the fields with the bhutanese people until he died of an infectious disease at the age of 59. >> he worked basically with the farmers and they are mainly poor farmers working in the field together, helping them.
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so he sacrificed hisife for the poor farmers. >> rorter: many people in bhutan they will never forget what he did for them. by plantinthe seeds of friendship, he helped to create the friendly ties between japan and bhutan. akhiadi yoda that wraps up our bulletin. i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok. with poverty. emboldened citizens demanding democracy, the threat of violence, push for peace, shadow of conflict. get news and insight on south an southeast asia every weekday, live from bangkok, only on nhk world "newsline." the south korean navy has conducted a live fire drill near islands in the sea of japan. officials in tokyo demanded the exercise be canceled. the navy conducted the drill on the high seas more than 12 nautical miles from the takeshima islands.
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japan claims the south korean controlled territory. coast guard officials say part of the northern edge of the drills overlap with japanese territorial waters. they said the country will not permit any interference with military exercise conducted for self-defense. japan's top government spokesperson criticized the drill. >> translator: the drill is totally unacceptable in light of japan's position on the sovereignty of the takeshima islands. we have been urging the south korean government to cancel the drill. it is extremely regrettable. >> south korea's army, navy and air force last october conducted a drill on the islands. they rehearsed measures to counter a civilian landing. the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of japan's territory. it says south korea is occupying them illegally. a panel of experts has released the outcome of inquiry into how the japanese government composed a landmark 1993
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statement. they concluded japanese and south korean officials consulted on the wording regarding so-called comfort women. thens chief cabinet secretary issued this statement more than 20 years ago. >> translator: the government of japan sends its sincere apologies and remorse to all those that suffered immeasurable pain and incurable physical and psychological wounds. >> the government study revealed that the women were recruited to work against their will at brothels in world war ii. apart from japanese women, those from the korean peninsula accounted for a large part. they asked them to look into how
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the statement was drafted after a former senior official say there may have been consultation between japan and south korea. officials from the two countries discussed the wording in detail through diplomatic channels until one day before it was announced. they say the main issues was how the military was involved and whether the women were forcefully recruited. the experts say the japanese prime minister and the south korean president approved the draft. they say that draft was made before the government finished hearings from former comfort women. they say officials did not verify the statements. yoshi he da suga says they do not influence the government's policy. >> translator: we would like to leave the research and evaluation of history, including the issue of comfort women to academics and experts. we will not review the statemenstateme
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statement. as the cabinet decided in 2007. the government opposed the statement. >> they said it is regrettable the japanese government made the inquiry. it said officials informally presented their opinions upon repeated requests from the japanese side. it includes contents that cover facts and could result in undermining the credibility of the statement. the tokyo metropolitan assembly has found itself under a unwelcome spot light. an assembly member was jeered while making a speech about women's rights. she decided to take a stand. she is getting a lot of support from the public. we have more. >> reporter: she is a member of your party. this week, while questioning the metropolitan government's measures to assist childbearing,
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she found herself the target of sexist comments. >> reporter: the comments shouted out and questioned whether she was even capable of having a baby. the incident left her angry. she posted a message on twitter the next day. how words have touched a nerve. they have retreated more than 10,000 times. and staff at the metropolitan assembly say, this he have received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails. she has also submitted a written complaint to the chair of the assembly. she called the remarks insulting. she said whoever made the comment must be punished and
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that measures need to be taken to prevent a recurrence. whoever made the comment should step forward and face up to the remarks so that i could feel better. he criticized the comments. he says, they lacked dignity. >> translator: such jeers are completely offensive to women's dignity and should never be repeated again. >> reporter: the politician that made the comment still haven't stepped forward. aya hashima, nhk world, tokyo. a senior member of your party says the chair of the assembly has rejected her requests claiming it lacks relevant information, such as specific names.
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u.s. officials say a piece of a military aircraft may have dropped off while it was flying over southwestern japan. they say the incident occurred over waters off okinawa prefecture. no damage has been reported. japanese defense ministry officials say they were informed that a 15-centimeter long part called a static wick, is missing from an osprey transport aircraft. the aten na-like object helps limit static buildup that could cause radio interference. officials in okinawa say they will urge u.s. marine staff to keep the safety concerns in mind and main tan their aircraft thoroughly. the u.s. military finished displays 24 ospreys at the marine corps futenma station last september. many residents protested the move because of the aircraft's poor safety record.
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japanese mobile phone service provider, softbank, will be taking on another challenge. they plan to start selling electricity when the power retail business is deregulated in two years. the president made the announcement at the annual share holders meeting. he said the company will first begin selling solar and wind-powered generated electricity to factories and business firms in northeastern and eastern japan on july 1st. he said they will offer mobile phone services together. soft baepg h softbank has been building solar and wind-powered facilities. executives at sapporo holdings have decided to pay additional liquor taxes of $110 million. the company put an inexpensive
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beer-flavored drink on the platform. the liquor tax rate for this category of drinks is lower than those for regular beer or low malt beer. but tax authorities told the beermaker that the product may not fall under that category. they also asked sapporo to submit information on how the drink is made. the firm stopped producing sapporo zero last month and officials have now decided on their own to pay additional liquor taxes of 11.6 billion yen, roughly $114 million. the amount is more than double the net profit the entire sapporo group is expecting for the year. japan's industry minister has announced the government will soon start a drilling survey on methane hydrate resources in two offshore areas in the sea of japan. the country is the first in the world to succeed in extracting gas from methane hydrate deposits in the pacific ocean. industry minister toshimitsu motegi sees the gas as a
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promising energy source. >> translator: i believe methane hydrate will be a very important domestic source of energy for japan. we pledge our efforts to develop it as a next generation energy source. something comparable to shale gas. >> government officials say the survey is aimed at collecting geological samples to assess the amount of shallow deposits. one target area is located off akita and yamagata prefectures in northeast japan. a sonar survey has found promising geological structures there. the other is off niigata prefecture, central japan. a similar survey has shown that this area may also hold methane hydrate deposits. the test drilling is scheduled to start on tuesday. here are the latest market figures.
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officials at the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention say 75 workers may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria, because of a lapse in safety procedures. the scientists and other staffs have been given antibiotics and are being monitored. cdc officials say the laboratory that prepared the anthrax samples didn't inactivate them properly. they were sent to three labs in atlanta where the incident occurred. the lower security labs are not equipped to handle potentially infectious samples and workers did not wear adequate protective equipment. the officials say the general public is not at any risk. they say they are investigating the safety procedures at the lab that provided the samples. anthrax can be used in biological weapons.
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in 2001, five people died in the united states after they were exposed to the bacteria through letters sent in the post. soccer's world governing body has launched investigation into the behavior of mexico supporters at the world cup. fifa officials are looking into claims that the fans chanted anti-gay slurs. >> disciplinary proceedings opened against mexico for improper conduct of spectators during the match between mexico/cameroon. >> fifa says complaints were received of discriminatory chants against cameroon's goalkeeper. the organization last year decided to take a firmer stance against racism and other forms of discrimination. teams whose fans violate the rules face fines, games without spectators or disqualification from competitions. bulgarians are picking up after severe floods swept through their country thursday.
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robert speta is here with details and the weather for the rest of the world. robert? >> yes. what we have been seeing this last week is this low pressure system slowly tracking across the balkan peninsula peninsula. really bringing the heavy rain showers and most recently, in the last 24 hours, eastern portions of bulgaria have been plagued with this torrential amount of rain. in eastern bulgaria, varna, you can see where the floods have taken place after the torrential rainfall. the floods are resulting from these downpours have killed at least ten people and caused many problems, including loss of power and locked rhodoads and a you can see these cars piled on top of each other. people have had to be evacuated from the area because of height waters. in central bulgaria, high waters have had to evacuate 11 people
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from the tops of their homes and also the past 24 hours. that's about the equivalent for the total amount of rainfall in some areas out here for the entire month of june. as far as the forecast is concerned, unfortunately, the next 24 hours, as it rains, are still continuing to linger. we have low pressure area tracking off toward the east. the threat of showers and thunderstorms will continue to linger in eastern portions of bulgaria and extending over through southern ukraine. where you just saw that video in varna, thunderstorms still expected on saturday. by sunday into monday, expecting some improving conditions and even a little bit of a warming trend as you start next week. you still want to watch what is going on out here after that significant flooding situation. let's talk about eastern asia as well. floods have been continuing to impact those of you into southeastern china. the past 24 hours, in jungshi
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province was recorded there. that threat is lingering. a low pressure area developing starting to impact western japan & throughout the day on saturday, kyushu could see up to 200 millimeters, specially southern parts of the island into kyoto, osaka. tokyo, i think it will stay south of but don't be surprised saturday, into sunday morning, if we see a passing shower or twos athe system continues to push by. partly cloudy skies for the most part. passing rain showers. 28 there for your high. over toward the west, shanghai, 26. taipei, getting into the low 30s here on your saturday. let's take a look over towards the americas specifically to the mississippi river off to the east. we have a storm system pushing through the midwest. that has brought some severe thunderstorms in iowa. record-breaking rainfall was seen here this week reported out there. now, this storm system is going to push through the ohio river valley into the carolinas. this is going to be the hot spot
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by sunday for heavy rain and even some severe thunderstorms as the system continues to move out. for now, expect those storms. also, going to be staying hot and muggy in the deep south. houston, high of 33. atlanta, up to 33 as well. cooling off slightly if you are in chicago, toronto or over towards winnipeg. let's wrap up here with the forecast for the next games out here into the world cup, specially along the eastern sea boards. you are going to see some moisture flow. don't be surprised if we see light rain showers on your friday. here is your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us.
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